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"DEDICATED" a movie by Mountain High Films

A group of friends spend the last winter season to film as for a passion project called "DEDICATED". The goals behind this movie is to show the world our dedicated passion for for snow, skiing, snowboarding, mountains, winter, adrenaline, fun, friends, family and freedoom.

The team from Mountain High Films was always on board and never took down the camera to capture all the beautiful moments we could share as a family together. The result will be a fill movie about our dedication.

Nico Schmidt, founder of Nicreative Productions & Mountain High Films

Who is Mountain High Films?

Mountain High Films is a passion project by the founder of Nicreative Productions, Nico Schmidt. Mountain High Films is entirely focused on creating visuals inspired by passion, love, adrenaline, fun, dedication and freedom. Always with the goal in mind to push limits to a new height.

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