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The Power of Video Marketing in 2020

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

My Top 10 Reasons for Video Marketing

Video is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing. Wether you're trying to increase sales, traffic or want to build a relationship with your customers, video can help you with that. Continue reading or watch the video if you want to know how.

Some FACTS about Video Marketing:

  1. You have a clear advantage over competitors who don’t use video marketing - in a couple of minutes you will know why

  2. People will spend on average 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021, in 2019 it was at about 84 minutes - there’s a huuuughe opportunity which shouldn’t be overlooked

  3. More and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices. In 2020 about 75% of all people are watching videos on their phones or tablets.

  4. 72% of consumers are preferring a video over a written text. A lot of people appreciate „How to content“ on company’s website.

  5. A purchase decision can increase by over 80% just through video

These facts are pretty impressive and already show you the power of a good video.

With that said, here are my top 10 reasons why you should focus on Video Marketing:


1. Reason: Video connects people with your Business, Brand or Service

Video Marketing allows you to build a relationship with your audience by providing them with experiences that are tailored to them. This way you can stand out from the crowd, giving consumers a reason to purchase from you and addressing their requirements and pain points. With a good personalized video you are able to provide highly targeted solutions to the consumer’s need and you can effectivly save them time when it comes to searching solutions for their problems and to make a purchase decision. You’re also more likely to be memorabled by the consumer, which is super important because most of them are buying by businesses and searches which they recognize and provide relevant offers and recommendations. You can also turn a customer into a fan and follower who are mostly determined to support you.

2. Reason: Video is one of the most effective ways to a tell story

Video is driven by story, that’s quite obvious. Also your product should tell a story, probably your heard of the saying A good product without a good story is like a good engine without a steering wheel”. It’s said that video is the consumer’s favorite content medium, so why not use it? Consumers want you to show them, not to tell them what your business is about. Moat people rather watch a video than strain their brain cells to read those pretty words about your brand offering. If you connect like said before with the consumers heart the chance is so much higher that they will purchase your product. Written words are nice, but high-quality videos with good visuals and background music convey the message explicitly.

3. Reason: Video spreads awareness

There are a lot of videos, which went viral and got so many views, that nearly everybody recognizes and remembers their brand. A single viral video may be all your business needs to boost brand engagement. A classic case study is the Dollar Shave Club which grew into a billion-dollar brand from one viral video.

As of 2015, the video had over 22 million views. The brand is currently valued at US$615 million with a customer base of 1.1 million individuals. Who knows? Your business may just be one video away from hitting the jackpot.

That’s crazy, huh?

4. Reason: Boosting your sales

The exposure gained from video marketing can be channelled into a sales funnel to increase conversion rates. Do not undermine the power of videos in the buyer’s journey. It plays a vital role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Videos are said to increase purchase decisions by 93 per cent and brand engagement by 139 per cent.

Statistics show that eight out of ten people make a purchase after watching a product video. Lead generation can also increase based on the quality of your video content. There are a lot of different kinds of video you can use for website, blog, YouTube and other Social Media platforms. You can creating product demos, customer reviews, vlogs, promotional and how-to videos, and upload them on distribution channels like your official social media handles, website, and email broadcast list, just to mention a few.

Also there is another sweet side effect, the average internet user spends approximately 88 per cent extra time on a webpage with videos (if they are in their interest) which will improve the engagement on your website.

This means users will stay on your website longer than expected if there is a video to keep them engaged. You can capitalise on this traffic to generate leads and subsequently boost sales on your website.

And that’s also our next point:

5. Reason: Google loves Videos

Like just mentioned Google loves video in terms of ranking. A single video on your landing page can increase the chance of a page „1“ Google listing by 53%. As people stay longer on your website, because they watch your video, which is also described as the ‘stickiness’ factor, Google will rank your page in the future high, to your favor. A good tip is to also upload your transcript of your video on your website, as it’s packed with keywords. This allows Google to index the transcript, picking out keywords and boosting those links back to your page. This allows Google to see that your video content is naturally relevant to your site, which is enough to boost it up the rankings for SEO.

6. Reason: Your can explain nearly everything through video

Video is by far one of the easiest way to explain to other people how something is working and can easily make complex topics super simple to understand. Explain how your product is working, how versatile it is, some hacks, how it’s build or anything else you can think of. Don’t be afraid to ask what you customers want to see from you. People will love it and will recognize you. Maybe this is your chance to for a piece of viral content?

7. Reason: Video in Email Campaigns

Video can improve open and click-through rates by up to 300% — making it the perfect addition to your marketing emails. Like mentioned, it gives you a chance of breaking through your audience.

8. Reason: Everything gets online / especially in crisis times like this

If you don’t want to loose your customer or also want to give them something especially when we have situations like this crises online products are just perfect. Use the other reasons I told you and the chance your customers will stay with you also through tough times are much higher. There are always opportunities.

9. Reason: Video Marketing has a excellent ROI

I mean now with all the reasons I told you should at this point realized that video definitely has a great return of investment.

If you think about it, anybody can hop on their computer or their phone to make a video and connect with their audience but keep in mind this kind of videos isn’t working for everything I mentioned and if you want really good results you should keep that part to a professional.

10. Reason: Video is comfortable

Our time is the most valuable thing we have. People nowadays just don’t have the time to read through some instructions they just want to watch a video which explains them what they want to know and which brings it to the point. Adapt to your audience when you want them to buy from you.

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